What is an Antioxidant?

Big word. Big benefits. An anti-oxidant is the name given to particular beneficial compounds that can be found in many of your foods or drinks. Anti-oxidants have a primary goal of reducing oxidation within the body and fighting off harmful free radicals to provide you with optimal health and reduce the likelihood of illness or disease. Free Radicals can develop in your body due to factors such as poor diet, lack of exercise, excessive smoking/drinking alcohol and environmental toxins (You can read more about free radicals in my blog post on the topic). Therefore, you require anti-oxidants in your diet to combat these issues and support your wellbeing. Without them, free radicals can roam around as they please within your body and lead to the potential development of illness or disease, and none of us want that!

So how can you be sure that you are getting enough anti-oxidants in your diet? Well, it all depends on the foods and drinks that you are consuming and their anti-oxidant levels. There are a number of sources that are considered antioxidants, including vitamins, minerals, catechins and more. Some rich sources of anti-oxidants are:

  • Vegetables – such as pumpkin, eggplant, broccoli, onion, spinach and carrots.
  • Fruits – such as berries, mangoes, apricots, tomatoes, oranges and grapes.
  • Lean red meat
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Red wine
  • Green tea
  • Raw cacao chocolate

Another key way to nourish your body with anti-oxidants is via your body’s largest and most absorbent organ, your skin. My natural body scrubs are all natural, cruelty free and free from harsh or synthetic chemicals, with key ingredients that are high in anti-oxidants and other nutrients that can behelp to improve the appearance of  your skin. My Raw Cacao Body Scrub and Green Tea Body Scrub are anti-oxidant machines that your skin will love. Just one spoonful of raw cacao powder can contain tens of thousands of anti-oxidants, which is more than red wine, goji, acai, and blueberries combined!

Set a date with me and feel the difference of skin that is soft, nurtured and hydrated.

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