How natural is natural?


I'm all natural, baby...

You may be noticing an increase in products that incorporate natural or organic ingredients, in both the food that you eat, beauty products and cleaning products. The push towards more organic and natural ingredients is becoming more widespread, as people are starting to ditch chemically based products and opt for a healthier alternative. It’s no shock that products that do not contain harmful chemicals are more beneficial for our well being, inside and out.

My body scrubs incorporate all natural ingredients to ensure that I'm not only helping to keep your skin healthy, but I'm also protecting it from any nasties. When I say all natural, I mean it. You wont find any parabens, sulphates, PEGs, harsh detergents, mineral oils or sythetic ingredients in me. All of my ingredients come from nature and are carefully combined to provide you with a great feeling body scrub, and new shower buddy. The ingredients in my body scrubs are so natural that you could eat the mixture, but please don’t eat it, I'm only made for loving you on the exterior. My ingredients are also vegan and sourced from cruelty free environments so I'm only ever tested on gorgeous people like yourselves.

Each of my ingredients have a positive and nourishing effect for the appearance of your skin and provide a natural alternative to the more commercialised chemical based scrubs. See the amazing results for yourself and go natural with Buddy Scrub!

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