How To Have A Happy, Healthy Easter


Easter is a wonderful time filled with family, friends, celebrations, and chocolate. So. Much. Chocolate. If you tend to eat yourself into an Easter egg-induced food coma each year, here are a few ways you can curb that habit and still have a happy Easter!
Begin with breakfast
Easter only comes around once a year, and it can be so tempting to get carried away and start the day with some of the chocolate you’ve been given. But this is the quickest way to feeling sluggish and guilty over the entire weekend. Starting your day with a healthy, filling breakfast like oatmeal, avocado toast, fruit and nuts is perfect for filling you up and giving you plenty of energy for the long holiday weekend.
Choose chocolate-covered fruit
Rather than over-indulging in pure chocolate, opt for some chocolate-covered fruit instead. Cut up slices of yummy fruit like apples, bananas, and strawberries, and dip them into some warm, melted chocolate. I recommend dark 70% chocolate which is usually also vegan! This way, you can enjoy the chocolate rush without feeling too guilty afterwards.
Swap to dark chocolate
Dark chocolate is well-known for being a much healthier alternative to other styles of chocolate, as above it’s also usually vegan. It’s filled with a range of essential antioxidants that can protect the body against disease-causing free radicals, assist in improving blood sugar levels and blood pressure, boost cognitive function and it tastes great!

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean your exercise routine should be too. Staying active over the long weekend is the best way to maintain motivation and avoid the temptation to sit down and eat up all of the chocolate that you have in your cupboard. As Easter is a great time to see family, get them involved by enjoying a nice, long walk around your neighbourhood, to the park or even taking a drive somewhere more scenic and walking there instead.
Control your portions
If you’ve received a large amount of chocolate over Easter, that doesn’t mean you need to eat it all over the Easter weekend. Chocolate lasts in the fridge or cupboard, so aim to portion the amounts that you are eating each day. By eating a small amount and spacing out your portions, you can actually enjoy the taste over time without feeling guilty and full afterwards.
Make your own treats
There are plenty of recipes out there for chocolate treats that are healthy, yet sinfully delicious. Making these treats instead  of eating chocolate can ensure you’re staying on the side of good health while still having a happy holiday. Some yummy ideas are: vegan chocolate brownies, cupcakes, carrot cake, dark chocolate dipped popcorn or cacao raw energy balls.
Have regular (healthy) snacks
Between all the food that goes around, remember to snack regularly - every 3 to 4 hours. This way, your blood sugar won’t be dipping and diving all over the place, and the steady intake of food will leave you much less liable to going crazy with hunger later on and eating all your Easter chocolate. Some healthy snack options are vegetable sticks with hummus, some cut-up apple with peanut butter on top, a handful of nuts or a nice smoothie with your favourite fruit, greens and coconut water (with a handful of chia seeds tossed in for good measure).

Ask for gifts other than chocolate
Just because it's Easter weekend, doesn't mean you have to have chocolate. Request that your family or friends gift you with alternatives to chocolate; such as a pampering face mask, coffee mug, flowers or anything else that you would like.
Stay hydrated
As you run around all weekend attending different family celebrations and Easter egg hunts, it’s important that you stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water has endless benefits, like increasing your energy levels, reducing the risk of mistaking thirst for hunger and preventing headaches, just to name a few.
Pamper yourself
And at the end of the holiday, if you still feel like you’ve overindulged and are in need of a little extra TLC, then pamper yourself! There’s no faster way to feeling great then taking some time out to give yourself a facial, do a mani/pedi, have a warm bath, and treat your skin to some added bliss with one of my all-natural, vegan body scrubs - a must-have for an afternoon of relaxation!

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Living Luxe On A Budget: 6 Inexpensive Beauty Tips That Will Make You Feel Priceless


It’s lovely to be luxe, but it can be pricey as well. When you have to tighten the purse strings, often your favourite luxury beauty products are the first to go. But don’t be alarmed! I’m all about you looking and feeling good, without it costing an arm and a leg. Here are some of my beauty tips that you can do at home and still feel like you’re living the luxe life!

Fake lashes instead of lash extensions
Lash extensions, as gorgeous as they may be, can really make a dent in your savings. So instead of getting your extensions tended to every few weeks, buy yourself a couple of pairs of false lashes instead. They might be a little bit tricky to apply at first, but they’re generally so much cheaper than extensions, and will look just as beautiful. Fake eyelashes shouldn’t be kept in overnight, so you do have to apply them daily (or whenever you want to make your eyes pop that bit more). This also gives your eyes and lashes a much-needed break every night, which will keep them in gorgeous, healthy condition!

DIY hair dye
Dropping a hundred dollars every few months on hair colour upkeep might seem affordable but the dollars add up. If you’re really looking to save some coin then dying your hair at home can be a great way to do this. While at-home hair dye used to be seen as inferior to salon quality products, nowadays there are plenty of brands on the market that make reliable, safe hair colours that are super easy to apply in your own bathroom. Another great benefit is that a lot of these products now focus on using more natural ingredients, as opposed to the harsh chemicals and toxins you might be used to.

At-home hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy is such a beneficial treatment for a huge number of issues like muscle pain, joint stiffness, circulation problems, range of motion issues, immunity problems, and more. It works by using hot and cold water to both soothe and quieten the body, and rejuvenate and stimulate, depending on the particular problems being treated. It’s a common treatment at day spas, but you can do it at home for free every morning! Simply jump into the shower and enjoy a warm, steamy soak under the spray. Then just before you jump out, turn the water to cold and stand under it for 15 seconds (or as long as you can handle!). Switch alternatively between hot and cold water for at least two minutes to make your skin feel revitalised and glowing, and help you feel ready to take on the day.

Get day spa exfoliation on a budget
Day spas are known for their luxurious facials, body scrubs, massages and more. Save some serious dollars by getting the luxe treatment at home for under $25 with my Luxe Edition Body Scrubs. There are four body scrubs in the range that feature premium, skin loving ingredients to get to work on exfoliating and hydrating dry skin. The range includes Pink Himalayan Salt, Mocha Mint, Sea Minerals and sparkling, gemstone infused Moondust.

Hair extensions & wigs
With social media these days, it seems like we’ve seen nearly every possible hair colour and hair styles seem to be forever changing. You can get the look of luscious locks with clip in hair extensions. There are so many colours and variations available that you can change your look within minutes and save on hairdresser fees. Want to try out a new look completely? Why not look at purchasing a wig. Wigs are becoming so sophisticated these days that it’s hard to even tell that someone is wearing one. Go blonde, pixie cut, or even bright blue with the wig options currently on the market and again save yourself from expensive hairdresser visits.

Teeth whitening
More and more people are getting veneers and professional teeth whitening, however the price tag is luxe with a capital L. Professional teeth whitening can cost around $500 for an hour and veneers can be over $2000 per tooth. You can work on your pearly whites and get the luxe look on a budget with at home teeth whitening kits. These kits provide everything you need to perform at home teeth whitening and achieve a whiter smile at a much more affordable cost.
Looking luxe doesn’t always have to involve a lot of money and there are plenty of ways to get the luxe look without spending big.
See my full Luxe Edition Body Scrub range here

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The Top 4 Tips for Protecting Your Skin this Change of Season


Seasonal changes can have an effect on your skin, and the upcoming season – autumn – is often considered the worst for breakouts. This is because your skin produces more oil during the summer months, but as the seasons change the cooler air encourages layers of dead skin to form. This build up traps sebum and bacteria underneath the skin’s surface, increasing the risk of pimples and acne breakouts. And since the skin is such an important part of the body (did you know it’s the body’s largest organ?), you should take care of it all year round. Here are the best things you can do to keep your skin sweet and supple this season!

1.   Exfoliate

Exfoliating should be a large part of your skincare routine already, and if it’s not, then now is definitely the time to introduce it. Exfoliating is the removal of all the dead skin cells that lie on the outer layer of the skin. It’s an important process, because it helps encourage brighter, healthier skin all over the body. It can also aid in the revival of aging skin and help stimulate better collagen production.

Having a consistent exfoliating routine all year round is highly beneficial, but it’s especially important in the colder months. This is because humidity levels drop and the cool weather can dry the skin out even further, leaving behind a bigger build up of dead skin cells than usual. Exfoliating doesn’t only remove this added build up, it also helps to increase circulation of the blood which can promote that gorgeous, healthy glow in your skin.

It’s best to exfoliate 2–3 times a week with a gentle, all-natural product. Over-exfoliating can be equally as damaging as failing to do it, especially if you use products that have nasty chemicals and additions in them like microbeads (which are terrible for the environment and banned in many countries!). If you’re new to exfoliating, look for one that is aimed at sensitive skin, so it’s less harsh and abrasive. And you don’t need to stop at your face, exfoliating your whole body can do wonders for your wellbeing. Just grab one of my nine all natural body scrubs to get scrubbin’!

2. Cleanse

Washing your skin everyday is critical to keeping it clean and healthy. As you go about your day, your skin can come into contact with all manner of different irritants and pollutants like dirt, pollution, air conditioning and the weather. If all of that sits on our face and body, it deprives our skin of oxygen and can encourage free radicals to form, which is when fine lines, pimples, breakouts and dry skin can occur.

In autumn and winter, these issues can be exacerbated by the dry, cold air. Cleansing once a day helps you to keep your skin squeaky clean, by removing impurities and boosting hydration and blood circulation. It will also prevent production of excess oils that can add to further breakouts and skin issues.

There are so many different kinds of cleansers available on the market, so it’s important to find one that is best suited for your skin type. If you’re usually prone to dry skin, avoid anything with alcohol in it as that will dry your skin out even further. If you’ve got oily skin, a cleanser with a lower pH level can help balance production of oil, and for those with sensitive skin, avoid anything heavy in fragrance or other additives. For the best results, choose a cleanser that uses organic, natural ingredients. My natural Activated Charcoal & Peppermint Body Wash is the perfect way to cleanse and nourish your face & body.

3. Moisturise

Well, this one is just obvious! Moisturiser is your best friend all year round, but especially during the colder months. It is the best way to take care of any feelings of dry, flaky and tight skin. When the weather hits those lower temperatures, your pores can shrink quite dramatically in order to protect your skin from the elements. This can make it more difficult to remove the dirt and oil, and dehydrates the skin even further.

Replenishing that loss of moisture and keeping your skin well hydrated is a great way to promote healthy skin and make you feel good. For the best results, choose a rich, creamy moisturiser filled with natural ingredients. Avoid extremely hot showers (which might be hard to do when it’s so cold!) as this will only dry your skin out more, and apply your moisturiser after you’ve cleansed, when your skin is still damp. This helps lock in moisture and keeps your skin softer for longer. My Sweet Orange & Lavender Body Lotion is the perfect combination of natural ingredients to nourish dry skin, or if you are more of an oil person – my two natural plant based oils are just the moisturiser for you!

4. Stay Sun Safe

Sunlight is important for healthy skin because it provides us with vitamin D, which is essential for a number of things like healthy bones and even better moods. But even though summer might be over, don’t make the mistake of putting away your sunscreen! The sun’s harsh UV rays, while not as nasty as they are during the hotter months, can still be damaging in autumn. Even if the day is overcast and the clouds are heavy and thick, almost 80 percent of UV rays can still get through.

When those rays come into contact with the skin it can penetrate the skin layers, causing sunburn and killing or damaging skin cells. This can cause a wide range of damage, all the way from early aging signs to skin cancer. Using sunscreen on your face, neck and body is the best way to counteract potential damage, as well as wearing a hat, sunglasses and covering up when outdoors.

While sunscreen used to be quite thick and pore-clogging, it’s come a long way over the years and has been formulated for everyday use. It can promote healthy skin by protecting essential proteins like collagen, elastin and keratin, and can ward off early signs of aging. To use it properly, apply it every morning before your make up, and reapply every two hours if you’re expecting to see a lot of sun.


Check out some of my deliciously all-natural products to make sure your skin remains completely protected in the coming colder months!

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3 Reasons Why People Become Vegan


One of the most popular responses you can receive when you tell someone that you’re vegan is “Why?”. Everyone goes vegan for different reasons, so everyone will have a different answer.
However, there are three main reasons why people make the decision to become vegan. These include animal rights, environmental reasons, and/or for health. This post will go through each of the reasons and if you’re wondering why all of my natural skincare is vegan, then the answer is for all three reasons! Buddy Scrub believes in the power of plant based products for your skin, the sustainability of the environment, and cares about the wellbeing of animals and doesn’t believe in using animal products in skincare or testing on animals.

Animal Rights

Animal rights is one of the main reasons why people become vegan. Once you find out about how animals are treated in factory farms, it becomes hard to ignore. Society has been marketed to from such a young age in a way that ensures that we don’t make the connection between the food on our plates and the animals that these meals have come from.
Most kids don’t know that pork comes from a pig, and beef comes from a cow. When they find out, this can be an appalling discovery. Even as an adult, you may subconsciously know where these foods come from, but may not make an actual connection with the food manufacturing process. For many vegans, the connection and realization come from watching documentaries or being exposed to confronting information about this industry. For others, it might come from visiting a farm sanctuary and being with these animals in real life and making a connection.
Vegans don’t just refrain from eating animals - they also don’t wear animals, use them for entertainment, or use products that contain their byproducts or are tested on them. All my products are proudly vegan-friendly and cruelty free.


The Dairy Industry

The processes of the dairy industry can be some of the most shocking to someone transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, however is often not widely publicized as the focus seems to remain more on animal meat. However, avoiding animal byproducts such as dairy, eggs, honey, beeswax, gelatin etc is one of the main distinctions that separates vegetarians from vegans.
The dairy industry spends billions of dollars a year trying to persuade society that milk is natural and good for calcium and overall wellbeing. You may wish to engage in your own research into the dairy industry, but here is some information about the dairy industry in a nutshell.
Basically, cows only produce milk when they are pregnant (just like humans). All female dairy cows are artificially inseminated, and the moment their calves are born they are taken from them and fed using calf formula. This occurs so that the cow’s milk can be pumped and processed so that humans can drink the milk. One misconception is that female cow’s produce milk naturally and constantly, thus it is “beneficial” to milk them, however, the only reason a cow produces milk is to feed their baby calf which unfortunately rarely actually occurs.
If the calf is a female, she will likely have the same fate as her mother. If the calf is a male, he will be likely be sold and killed in a couple of weeks for veal. The mother cow then remains hooked up to machines each day that suck the milk from her udders. The process of artificial insemination and milking is generally repeated every year over a 4 year period for that cow. Following this period, she will often be sent to the slaughterhouse because her milk production has declined. Cows should naturally live to be 20 years old.
If you’ve ever been confused by the statement “not your mom, not your milk”, then hopefully this statement makes some more sense now. Buddy Scrub recommends ditching skincare products that contain cow milk, goats milk etc and to choose options that don’t contain animal byproducts, such as our natural body care range.

Environmental Reasons

It’s hard to be a meat-eating environmentalist. If you’ve seen the documentary Cowspiracy, (available on Netflix) you will understand why.
Animal agriculture is the leading cause of global warming, climate change, deforestation, habitat destruction, species extinction, ocean dead zones, desertification, water pollution, soil pollution, and more.
Humans kill around 56 billion farm animals a year. In order to feed these 56 billion animals, massive amounts of land (especially in the Amazon Rainforest) are cleared to grow genetically modified soybeans and corn to feed these animals.
In addition to the land space and water usage that goes into growing the feed for them, animal agriculture pollutes the earth even more through the waste and methane gas outputs that these animals produce.
Here are some facts from Cowspiracy about animal agriculture. If you want to read more facts and find out the scientific sources for all of the facts just click here.

  • Livestock covers 45% of the earth’s total land.
  • Every minute, 7 million pounds of excrement are produced by animals raised for food in the US
  • Animal agriculture is responsible for up to 91% of Amazon destruction.
  • Animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation.  
  • Cows produce 150 billion gallons of methane per day.  
  • 2,500 gallons of water are needed to produce 1 pound of beef. 

Health Reasons

An increasingly popular reason that people are going vegan today is for health reasons. There have been so many studies done to determine the effects that animal products have on health, and they aren’t as good as you might think. 

Animal products are full of cholesterol and fat. They also contain hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, and they are completely devoid of fibre.

Animal products have been linked to acne, weight gain, various cancers, and even heart disease. An incredible documentary to watch about this topic is “What The Health” which is available on Netflix.

Society has been made to believe that you need milk for strong bones and meat for protein, but the evidence contradicting this is overwhelming. The reality is that animal products seem to be doing more harm than good to your health.

Animal rights, environmental sustainability and health are the three most popular reasons that people decide to become vegan. Some other reasons might include food allergies, religious or spiritual reasons, or for weight loss.

Either way, the reason why you become vegan doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that you are choosing a plant based lifestyle and purchasing animal-free products, and in doing this you are making an immense difference in the world.


See the full Buddy Scrub vegan friendly range of skincare here.

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