How To Have A Happy, Healthy Easter


Easter is a wonderful time filled with family, friends, celebrations, and chocolate. So. Much. Chocolate. If you tend to eat yourself into an Easter egg-induced food coma each year, here are a few ways you can curb that habit and still have a happy Easter!
Begin with breakfast
Easter only comes around once a year, and it can be so tempting to get carried away and start the day with some of the chocolate you’ve been given. But this is the quickest way to feeling sluggish and guilty over the entire weekend. Starting your day with a healthy, filling breakfast like oatmeal, avocado toast, fruit and nuts is perfect for filling you up and giving you plenty of energy for the long holiday weekend.
Choose chocolate-covered fruit
Rather than over-indulging in pure chocolate, opt for some chocolate-covered fruit instead. Cut up slices of yummy fruit like apples, bananas, and strawberries, and dip them into some warm, melted chocolate. I recommend dark 70% chocolate which is usually also vegan! This way, you can enjoy the chocolate rush without feeling too guilty afterwards.
Swap to dark chocolate
Dark chocolate is well-known for being a much healthier alternative to other styles of chocolate, as above it’s also usually vegan. It’s filled with a range of essential antioxidants that can protect the body against disease-causing free radicals, assist in improving blood sugar levels and blood pressure, boost cognitive function and it tastes great!

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean your exercise routine should be too. Staying active over the long weekend is the best way to maintain motivation and avoid the temptation to sit down and eat up all of the chocolate that you have in your cupboard. As Easter is a great time to see family, get them involved by enjoying a nice, long walk around your neighbourhood, to the park or even taking a drive somewhere more scenic and walking there instead.
Control your portions
If you’ve received a large amount of chocolate over Easter, that doesn’t mean you need to eat it all over the Easter weekend. Chocolate lasts in the fridge or cupboard, so aim to portion the amounts that you are eating each day. By eating a small amount and spacing out your portions, you can actually enjoy the taste over time without feeling guilty and full afterwards.
Make your own treats
There are plenty of recipes out there for chocolate treats that are healthy, yet sinfully delicious. Making these treats instead  of eating chocolate can ensure you’re staying on the side of good health while still having a happy holiday. Some yummy ideas are: vegan chocolate brownies, cupcakes, carrot cake, dark chocolate dipped popcorn or cacao raw energy balls.
Have regular (healthy) snacks
Between all the food that goes around, remember to snack regularly - every 3 to 4 hours. This way, your blood sugar won’t be dipping and diving all over the place, and the steady intake of food will leave you much less liable to going crazy with hunger later on and eating all your Easter chocolate. Some healthy snack options are vegetable sticks with hummus, some cut-up apple with peanut butter on top, a handful of nuts or a nice smoothie with your favourite fruit, greens and coconut water (with a handful of chia seeds tossed in for good measure).

Ask for gifts other than chocolate
Just because it's Easter weekend, doesn't mean you have to have chocolate. Request that your family or friends gift you with alternatives to chocolate; such as a pampering face mask, coffee mug, flowers or anything else that you would like.
Stay hydrated
As you run around all weekend attending different family celebrations and Easter egg hunts, it’s important that you stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water has endless benefits, like increasing your energy levels, reducing the risk of mistaking thirst for hunger and preventing headaches, just to name a few.
Pamper yourself
And at the end of the holiday, if you still feel like you’ve overindulged and are in need of a little extra TLC, then pamper yourself! There’s no faster way to feeling great then taking some time out to give yourself a facial, do a mani/pedi, have a warm bath, and treat your skin to some added bliss with one of my all-natural, vegan body scrubs - a must-have for an afternoon of relaxation!

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